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    Agritech startup giving market to small-scale banana, pumpkin, sweet potato, arrowroot & yam growers

    Kagoka Foods

    By George Munene

    Kagoka Foods, an Agritech startup and social enterprise is partnering with small-scale farmers to promote the growing of tuber, root and banana crops in Kenya by giving them a market for yams, arrow roots, pumpkins, sweet potato and bananas.

    The company has a focus on promoting the growing, processing, value addition, packaging and marketing of indigenous, high-value traditional and other food crops. These include pumpkins, arrow roots, cassava, yams, sweet potatoes and bananas.

    For farmers to qualify as Kagoka Foods Limited growers they will need to be registered and have the quality of their farm produce confirmed. 

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    Harvesting from farmers is done through a controlled process that avoids losses. The produce is then weighed and farmers are receipted. Delivery vans pick up produce which are efficiently delivered to warehouses for processing and packing before orders are prepared readied for dispatch. Through their easy-to-use marketplace app website (kagoka foods), and app (androidappsap kagoka-foods), vendors and consumers are able to easily place their orders. The produce is then delivered to the client’s doorstep free of charge. 

    These cheap and organized logistics help bridge the gaps between small scale farmers and the wide urban market platform delivering to clients through efficient and timely processes.

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    The company is based on Kagoka Avenue Golf View Court, Kenyatta Road Estate off Thika Road, Nairobi. It also links small-scale farmers, women and youth farmers providing a channel for them to sell their produce to local vendors, hypermarkets and the export market while creating job opportunities. This ensures fair, transparent and market competitive prices for their pool of farmers which raises their incomes. 

    Small scale farmers interested in partnership can email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or SMS on 0780407558 for additional details.

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