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    Silage bags give small scale farmers pasture for drought period

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    By George Munene

    AgroZ an agricultural product manufacturer has developed a silage bag that allows smallholder farmers to preserve animal feed for use when there is limited available livestock pasture.

    The silage bag costs Sh750 with a minimum carrying capacity of 200kgs. When properly compacted the bag can accommodate even more silage. Its dimensions measure 1M in width by 2.5M in length.

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    Once the silage bag is filled with fodder and tightly closed, it acts as a barrier against oxygen transmission. This creates an anaerobic environment that allows lactic acid bacteria to grow which then convert sugars into lactic acid, initiating the fermentation process. This can last up to three weeks and is optimized by outer white and inner black liner that helps maintain proper temperature to optimize the fermentation process.

    The bag has a multilayered liner with very low oxygen permeability and acts as an excellent barrier to water and air entry, as well as to the escape of pollutant gases such as nitrogen dioxide. It is treated to protect against harmful UV rays, this ensures durability even when exposed to sunlight directly.

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    AgroZ silage bags can be used across different environmental conditions. To keep the silage in the best feeding condition the bag should be stored in a cool area that is inaccessible to rodents.

    AgroZ Kenya: 0735173269

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